Benefits of online training with Wayne MacDonald’s Budokan Masterclass

1. Convenient Wayne Macdonald

As Karate students around the world struggle to balance the demands of work and home they are finding the time needed to get to a scheduled lesson at a Dojo is becoming even more difficult. Budokan’s Masterclass allows you to learn at home, at work, while away or at anytime that is convenient.

2. Relevant

Since the Budokan Masterclass content includes the most current belt and ability based training it ensures training is specific to a student’s progress with the added bonus of Wayne MacDonald SHIHAN personally training you.

3. Immediate

Delivery over the Internet enables training to begin with just a few mouse clicks or touch screen taps.

4. Affordable

The cost saving of this program is remarkable, you receive anytime unlimited access to all the private video lessons, class plans, forums and testing Center for a monthly fee that is less than 50% the price of one private lesson!

5. Fun

Shihan provides a captivating interactive environment with dynamic content, the Budokan Masterclass effectively keeps people improving, whilst holding their interest.

6. Easy to Use

Open an Internet browser and students are up and training quickly.

7. Self Directed and Convenient

Students train at their own pace and maintain control of learning “where, when and how” with unlimited access 24/7.