How does it work?

There are 4 simple steps to learning karate online now:

  1. Select a subscription. Choose from our currently available subscription options to receive access to the belt levels that you want. You can choose to get access to a single belt level or full access to all available belt levels.
  2. Sign up. Once you have added the subscription you want to your cart, view your cart, proceed to the checkout then login or register an account with us by entering in your details.
  3. Checkout. Complete the checkout process, then you’re done! Go into My Account to see your active subscriptions and to manage your account details.
  4. Learn Karate! You now will have access to the course lessons. Go into Courses, click on your course, then click Start Taking this Course. After watching each lesson, make sure to click Complete Lesson before moving onto the next lesson. You can also chat with other students or ask a question in the forums.

If you would like to cancel your subscription, just go to My Account and take a look at My Subscriptions. There is no lock in contract, so you can cancel at anytime.

What are the benefits of online training?

  1. Convenient: As Karate students around the world struggle to balance the demands of work and home they are finding the time needed to get to a scheduled lesson at a Dojo is becoming even more difficult. Budokan’s Masterclass allows you to learn at home, at work, while away or at anytime that is convenient.
  2. Relevant: Since the Budokan Masterclass content includes the most current belt and ability based training it ensures training is specific to a student’s progress with the added bonus of Wayne MacDonald SHIHAN personally training you.
  3. Immediate: Delivery over the Internet enables training to begin with just a few mouse clicks or touch screen taps.
  4. Affordable: Cost savings is a key attraction with the Budokan Masterclass saving due to elimination of travel expenses and the lesson price itself is 50% less.
  5. Fun: Shihan provides a captivating interactive environment with dynamic content, the Budokan Masterclass effectively keeps people improving, whilst holding their interest.
  6. Easy to Use: Open an Internet browser and students are up and training quickly.
  7. Self Directed and Convenient: Students train at their own pace and maintain control of learning “where, when and how” with unlimited access 24/7.

What is included?

You get video training, forum access, direct messaging, video gradings and personalised certificates on completion.

Although there is no perfect substitute for the hands-on instruction one receives from a quality instructor at an actual Dojo, Wayne MacDonald’s Budokan Masterclass was created to serve as the best alternative for those who don’t have access to a High quality Karate school. Here are some of the key elements that make the Budokan Masterclass such an effective online training program:

  1. Complete Curriculum: Shihan Wayne MacDonald has organized all the techniques of Karate Budokan International into a logical, clearly defined, systematic curriculum from White to Black Belt and beyond, all of which will eventually be available to you through this Budokan Masterclass site in the form of personalized video lessons and also PDF lesson plans to download. You will also have the option of Q & A time on the website forum.
  2. Total Control: When you learn online with Shihan Wayne MacDonald, you can go through the curriculum at your own speed, and you have total control over your training schedule and time spent perfecting your skills.
  3. Pure Techniques: The quality of instruction varies from one Dojo to the next. Through this Budokan Masterclass you can be satisfied that you are receiving instruction from the World Chief Instructor personally. His attention to detail on the foundation techniques, his correct training methods, his focus on being energy efficient and using natural body movements will deliver the highest level of training available anywhere in the world.

How much does it cost?

You can choose how you want to pay; you can pay by subscribing to just the belt level you want or you can choose the full access subscription which grants you access to all currently available belt levels!

Check out our free sample videos to see what a typical lesson is like! Every lesson has the online tutorial video, a live chat where you can chat with others watching the video, a downloadable lesson pdf and quick access to the forums where you can ask Shihan Wayne MacDonald for any tips or questions you have.

There are currently three subscription options:

  • $35.00 per month for access to the entire website.
  • $25.00 per month for access to all Level 1 White Belt lessons.
  • $25.00 per month for access to all Level 2 Yellow Stripe Belt lessons.
  • More levels coming soon!

What does a typical lesson look like?

A typical lesson includes a video, chat room to chat with other students about the lesson, lesson info with downloadable lesson pdf and forum access to post a question about the lesson.

Typical Lesson

You can watch one of our free sample videos to see how detailed Wayne’s lessons are.

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