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White Belt – Lesson 13 Kumite

Kumite (sparring) is when we get to practice our techniques in a controlled fight situation; shihan will take you through the basic moves that made him a sport karate champion and successful coach.

This lesson covers:

  • An introduction to Kumite (sparring) footwork
  • Taking our basics & applying them in a sparring situation
  • The importance of balance, width & distance in a Kumite stance
  • The movement & placement of our feet during Kumite
  • Skill 1 – Jab (Kizami Tsuki)
  • Skill 2 – Reverse Punch (Yaku Tsuki)
  • Combining both into an effective attack

Yellow Stripe Belt – Lesson 4 Strike Combinations

The goal of this lesson is for you to visually understand, physically practice and acquire the skills and coordination of combining some of the level 2 strike techniques.

This lesson covers:

  • Combination 1 – Backfist strike, Body Punch and Knife hand Strike
  • Combination 2 – Spear hand strike, Body Punch and Downward hammerfist strike
  • Combination 3 – Double punch and Outer Knife hand strike
  • All of these combinations stationary and moving
  • Lesson Mindset