Does your Kumite training WORK?

Hello and welcome to this beautiful Monday.

There has been a very exciting and busy weekend of Sport Karate contested in beautiful Fiji – the Oceania Karate Championships hosted under the rules and banner of the WKF (World Karate Federation)

I often hear new students ask “how do we know that these techniques are effective?”

The best answer that I can offer is to look around and see what the higher grades are using and does it appear to work for them.

Every now and then we have a definitive measuring tool to prove that your curriculum is the best available to you and the most effective.

The measuring tool this week is the outstanding success of your fellow Karate Budokan Athletes at the Oceania titles, why this is relevant is that Kumite (Sparring) in these events are not style specific!

At this one event there were numerous countries represented from over 80 different clubs of Karate.

Karate Budokan had 12 athletes representing Australia – these 12 athletes successfully achieved 19 Medals – 11 Gold, 5 Silver and 3 Bronze!

These champions started just like you, stepping into that first class and learning how to bow, stand, block, strike and kick. The Kumite techniques that have put them on the top of the podium proudly singing their national anthem are the same techniques that are now available to you online, right here on this site!

As I am the first to explain Sport Karate and Traditional Karate are connected but also very different, the sport side of our art is not our priority it is fun and a great way to challenge yourself against fellow karateka around the world.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our successful team in FIJI and thank them for allowing us to confidently test our curriculum on the international stage.

All of us at Karate Budokan are very proud of all of the competitors and their entire support crew of family and friends:

James Hill (Bronze), Jackson Hinds (Bronze), Trinity Hamnett (Gold), Ashleigh Hill (Silver), James Walker (Silver), Riana Loffel (Gold & 2 Silver), Jaycee McLaughlin (2 Gold), Shana McMahon (2 Gold), Belinda Monckton (Gold & Silver), Alexander Lahner (Bronze), Braden McMahon (3 Gold), Alexandra Gallo (Gold)

Yours in Karate do,

Wayne MacDonald

Wayne MacDonald SHIHAN

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