Gradings are a great time to reflect!

Believe and Achieve

Believe and Achieve

It’s now the end of October and we have just finished our Kyu Gradings at the Honbu Dojo in Noosaville.

What do I love about the gradings?

That’s simple.

The attitude of the students to always demonstrate their personal best!


The sense of achievement and smile when they tie that new Obi around their Gi for the first time.

IMG_8680  IMG_6299

The knowledge that they are ready to tackle the new skills ahead of them.


One thing that was evident at this grading was the wonderful job that the Sensei’s have been doing, the standard was very high and the areas of improvement were minimal.

I would like to encourage all students Online or in the Dojo to spend the majority of your focus on the small things, the basics (Kihon) of your early grades, this is what will develop you into a sensational Karateka.

So congratulations everyone and enjoy your future training.



Wayne Macdonald


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