Two NEW Kumite lessons are now online!

We have just added two new Kumite lessons to our Level 2 course!

Lesson 8 is our introduction to setting up for a head kick with a committed hand attack – Jab, Punch and Front leg head kick.

I spend a lot of time at the start preparing our body, primarily our legs, getting them ready for the kicking action required to deliver this exciting technique.

Then we introduce the importance of committing the hand attack to set up for the maximum chance of success with the kick.

Head Kick

Lesson 9 is the first time we look at setting up pressure on your opponent by disturbing their balance!

The way that you break your opponents rhythm is the important key that will help you control any real life situation, dojo bout or competition match.

I also explain the simple errors that some Karateka make by attacking with their back leg from the wrong distance.

Luke Walker Nationals 2011

Log in and enjoy the lessons, whether you are a new student or an experienced one getting back to basics with me will definitely improve your results on the tatami.

We are also getting a lot of instructors using my video lessons to remind them of the key points of the techniques prior to planning their weekly lessons.

The excitement that my masterclass site is generating is buzzing and pushing my goals forward to plan for more than the curriculum, future sections will specialise in Kumite and Restraint and Removal techniques including weapon defences, its all happening.

You can train anywhere, anytime at your own pace – so get into it – NO more excuses!

Thanks for reading my BLOG.

Yours in Karate do,

Wayne MacDonald

Wayne MacDonald SHIHAN



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