We are ONLINE and a Dream becomes a Reality!

Here we are – LIVE ONLINE!

Believe and Achieve

My first post on the Blog and my Budokan Masterclass Online Dojo is live and students are taking their first bow and training in front of their laptops, computers, iPads, Tablets and phones around the planet!

It is such a satisfying feeling to witness an idea develop into a vision and now a reality. The vision that we created was exciting, utilizing the technology of today to open a way to pass on first class Martial Arts instruction to anyone at anytime! The vision soon became a burning desire and there was nothing but total belief that today (launch day) would arrive!

When your heart and soul go into what you are passionate about dreams will become real.

You may have noticed that I keep referring to WE and not I, my name may be at the top of this page but it has and is a unified effort with sacrifices made by some special people to bring this idea to life.

Some special mentions are required here to my wonderful support crew.

Firstly my most amazing, beautiful soul mate and wife Donna Sutor, Donna fills my day with unconditional love. Her dedication and belief in me is the sole reason that this project has come to completion. We have been married for 18 years and I always consider myself the luckiest man alive and my love and admiration for Donna grows more and more each and everyday.  Thank you D xxx

Secondly the joy and love I see in the eyes of my two wonderful children Ajae and Halle are one of the significant reasons that I decided to create this legacy for their future health and happiness. They continue to fill me with pride in the leaps and bounds they are making as little people everyday. Thank you Tiger & Noodle xxxx

Next is my great friend, student and colleague Ricky Hislop, you are seeing Rick regularly in the lessons as my demonstration partner. Rick is without doubt one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met. He is a true karateka in every sense of the word. His love of martial arts and his dedication to Karate Budokan International are evident in the sacrifices he has made during the development of this site. Thanks Mate.

Next is my friend and longtime Karate Budokan International supporter Jeff Boot from MediaFX, Jeff’s attitude to life, his expertise, knowledge and professionalism as a videographer and producer is the reason that you are receiving these lessons in such high quality. I have actually just received an email from a new student who has been using the lessons in his lounge room on his 50-inch television. He clicks on the HD facility on his lesson and says that it is sensational quality. So thanks Jeff, especially for putting up with all those tedious edits that I have bombarded you with.

There have been Special Martial Artists that have contributed to my growth as a Karateka and person. Actually dozens of influential mentors over the past 34 years but the most significant ones were my first and longtime Sensei and cousin Geoff Spice and our Head of KBI Richard Chew.

Geoff instilled an attitude in me to push through the challenges of training and most importantly the respect to always treat other training partners as equals. Thanks Geoff

I am very fortunate to regard Richard Chew as one of my closest friends, the contribution Richard has made to my development in martial arts is obvious, especially my attitude to perfecting the technique slowly and trust that the speed and power will come. Richard is a special man who has an aptitude for success that constantly inspires me, the inspiration for me comes from the man that he is, trustworthy, genuine and humble. Richard has dedicated a considerable amount of his personal time and money to ensure his fathers legacy Karate Budokan International remains a martial art style of quality and integrity. Thank you Richard.

Now to my final thank you.

To YOU my dedicated students who continually amaze me and inspire me to do what I love to do.

If you are willing to hand me one of your most precious gifts of life – your time, then I am honored to do so.

So I will see you in class.

I am signing off to do some more editing on the next lessons for level 2 that are ready for upload.

Enjoy the site, please communicate through our forums and via email, we are here for your success.

Your journey from Beginner to Black Belt and Beyond starts here.

Yours in Karate,

Wayne MacDonald SHIHAN


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